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Zibo Hongke Electrical Power Equipment Co., Ltd
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Hongke introduction

      Zibo Hongke Electric Power Equipment Co.Ltds register capital is 5 million yuan and fixed asset is 10 million yuan.Our business covers the wire R&D, wear-proof spraying, ash reburning technology and overlay welding repair. We have created a complete industrial chain including research, design, construction, equipment installation, and has established a leading position in the industry.

      The adoption of advanced science and technology, and services in the electric power, iron and steel, petrochemical, metallurgical and other industries, and governance of the electricity circulating fluidized bed boilers, industrial pulverized coal, has achieved remarkable results.

       The Company, toghter with the Beijing Industrial University, China Electric Power Research Institute and other units, cooperates deeply, makes research on spraying materials exclusive for boiler wear-resistance, and has the first-grade construction qualification in Chinas thermal spraying industry. The company has a team composed of skilled and experienced professional R&D personnel and engineering and technical personnel, including experts, professors, Doctors, and all kinds of professional senior technical staff.



Thermal spray industry enterprise qualification certificate
China Surface Engineering Association
The people's Republic of China organization code certificate
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Quality management system certificate
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